Le Murier School Guernsey
Skill: Numeracy

Numeracy is used in many aspects of our everyday life; at home, at work and in leisure, examples are budgeting, cooking, filling in time sheets, recycling and arranging an appointment. Numeracy is therefore considered an important part of our curriculum and this is acknowledged in the time allocated to the subject. There are regular timetabled numeracy lessons as well as the incidental numeracy arising from the coverage of other areas of the curriculum.
The delivery of numeracy throughout the school focuses on the needs of the individual and is success orientated, building upon the student’s strengths and with a constant awareness of the continual need to re-visit areas, particularly those which have been identified as the basic core.

Numeracy Help Booklets

Over the years the ways of teaching maths have changed, as has the name. We now call it “Numeracy”, which is about using our maths’ skills in everyday situations.
Numeracy is used constantly in our everyday lives, from setting our alarms, shopping, cooking, leisure, travelling and working around the house.
To help understand the ways we teach computation (adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing) we have put together four other booklets to help explain the progression and the methods used. These follow our computation policy.