Le Murier School Guernsey
Thank you so much for putting together a timetable for me this morning. I thoroughly enjoyed meeting staff who clearly love their job, and students who feel safe and cared for. I felt very welcomed; everyone was so friendly and the staff I met all took time to talk to me about the young people in their classes, even though they are busy. I should also mention that the students were very polite and as I was walking in the corridors several stopped to welcome me to the school and shake my hand. Your students are a credit to the school. Janet Foss  
Janet Foss
Just felt I wanted to drop you a message to let you know how thrilled we are with how Joe has been welcomed to the school, and is thoroughly enjoying it.  Historically Joe has never attended school in the period leading up to Christmas as he has been so unsettled by things.  He was excited about the Christmas lunch today and came bounding out of school to tell me what a “wonderful” day he had had. He is absolutely a different child since he started at Le Murier, he is so settled and happy and it’s been such a relief to see him so relaxed and keen to get to school in the mornings.  Miss Joselin is fantastic, as are all the staff. Just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are. Kind regards Nicola  
Nicola Brown, parent
I am compelled to write to say how impressed my colleagues (Karen Martel & Trish Bourgaize) and I were with James and Samuel who took us on a tour of Le Murier yesterday late morning/early afternoon. Their enthusiasm, politeness and friendliness blew me away. They are a credit to your school as are all the other pupils who we spoke to on our visit. Even though the 3 of us will be sending a thank you card to the boys directly, I just wanted to let you know how highly we thought of James and Samuel plus what a fantastic school you have With kind regards,
Jackie Williams, visiting School Attendance Officers
Some parents do not seem to know how lucky they are. I think you and your team are doing a wonderful job especially as you have to cater for a wide range of abilities. Best Regards
David Houchard, parent
We both enjoyed our two days at Le Murier very much. The commitment and dedication of you and all your staff to improving the lives of all the young people in your care shone through. We particularly enjoyed spending time with your students who were an absolute delight. Le Murier is a very special place.
Mrs Simmons and Mr Lee, (HMIs)
Our child is now in year 11 and although we have only been caring for our child for the last six months or so, but have been speaking and sharing relevant information with other carers and professionals and without a doubt our child has throughout her educational time at Le Murier blossomed. Staff at Le Murier is operating on a different level somewhere beyond the professional, we say this because staff influence and encouragement reaches far beyond the classroom and school walls right into the community and homes of their young people, one can sense their guidance and almost see the seeds planted come to bloom. Our young person is confident at school, confident that they will be listened to that they will be looked after and that they will also have fun, our young person is confident that should she have an issue staff there will deal with it in confidence, fairly and discreetly but that it will be dealt with, staff are firm caring and professional constantly liaising with carers in order to reach a better understanding of where that young person is at and to keep parents in the picture with what’s happening at school. Structure rhythm and continuity, are a few of the secret magic’s being employed here coupled with professionalism and genuine care, a recipe for success for our child. Helping ensure that our child reaches her full potential, not only academically but socially and emotionally. Kind regards
Peter & Angela Debono, Vale
Bob took the opportunity to attend one of the pre inspection feedback meetings with other parents and we were very complimentary of the school: Le Murier has provided, in our opinion, a wonderful, safe and nurturing environment for William. We have found the school never less than supportive in its dealings with us as parents and of course most importantly William himself and his learning journey.
Bob, Parent