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This week we welcome Xander to our group

This week we welcome Xander to our group. Xander made a guest appearance in our last blog, and liked it so much he’s decided to join us. Here he is introducing himself and updating us on his new lunchtime club.

Hi my name is Xander. I like going outside to my mate’s house and I like playing DESTINY THE TAKEN KING. I am a level 50 Titan.

Computer and coding

I’m starting a lunch time club. It is called Computer and Coding. In computer and coding we are using a website called Scratched. It is where you can make and edit your own game to play.


by Xander

Head boy and Head girl

The head boy and head girl has been at a occurring event in Le Murier school for a long time. Students would have chosen a male and female leader to represent the school in special occasions. But we no longer have a head boy and head girl. We at Le Murier have student ambassadors so everyone gets to represent the school to different people.

By Samuel.

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